The “Silent Generation” List :

Women in Photojournalism from the Film Era — the next phase, housekeeping and logistics.

Part One: How The List Took Root

As you know I have been working on a list of women photojournalists from the film era: the “Silent Generation” project, I have titled it.

Rose Cundari Lincoln and Yunghi Kim in late 80’s at the New England Patriots game (left), when the Pats sucked! Maya Vidon-White 1999 in East Timor (center photo by Eddy Hasby), Suzanne Plunkett in Sumatra, Indonesia 2003 (right photo by Dessi Ariyanti)

Part Two: The List Lives

The names on this list (scroll down) have been sourced as best as I can and pegged to the year individuals entered the profession which technically means after college, not including internships, using readily available public data from photographer’s websites, Linkedin profiles, past published interviews, and in many instances, I contacted people directly. Any corrections, Please email:

From Left: Susan May Tell in Morocco 1985 with a lot of gear (Photo by Pierre Schwartz). Marilyn Nance at the age of 32 in 1984–85, she was twice a finalist for the Eugene Smith Grant 1991 & 1993 (photo by Albert Chong), and Natalie Behring on right, (photo by Elizabeth Dalziel)

Part Three: Testimonials

I am collecting testimonials from women who are on this list. We have many common experiences from working on a daily basis in newspapers, magazines, wires, photo agencies and out in the field, including experience with editors and editors working with photographers.

Part Four: Two Choices of Deadlines for Testimonial:

1. We may use excerpts of the testimonial on The List website, if you want to be considered for the website, please submit it by July 1, 2019 or earlier. Right now, we are unsure of the space so not sure how many or how much will be included but get it in soonest.

AP staff covering the 1984 Democratic National Convention in San Francisco. Around the light table; from left, photographer Susan Ragan, photo editors Rande Anmuth, Claudia Counts, photographer Amy Sancetta, photo editors Madge Stager and Maggie Walker. And 1985 tearsheet of the three women who started the NPPA Women’s Commitee (submitted by Kathy Borchers who was the chair 1991–98).

Full list: * Pioneering Women of Photojournalism*

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