Hugging my niece Erin Yi in Baltimore. ©2021 Yunghi Kim/ Contact Press Images

My family today is a patchwork of strong women, absent of men, by circumstance. They are true matriarchs in the image of my grandmother who raised me from infancy and my mother, a physician, who guided me to adulthood.

Yola Monakhov, then 25 years old, is hugged by a grandmother upon arrival to her home in Kosovo 1999 as the war was coming to an end. Photo by ©Yunghi Kim/ Contact Press Images

For two decades the story of a young American, female photojournalist, etched in film, remained stored in my file cabinet. It was time for these images to see the light of day and to tell the story of Yola Monahkov.

Women in Photojournalism from the Film Era — the next phase, housekeeping and logistics.

Part One: How The List Took Root

I helped introduce the Comfort Women issue to the west in 1996. This was a personal project. Our archives are diverse and wide-ranging, there’s a knowledge gap because much of the work form the Silent Generation may not be digitized. I have been slowly digitizing my archive for the last few years; a daunting and tedious task.

Fifteen years ago, at the start of the war on Iraq, I left Turkey and walked for four nights through monsoon-like rains into Iraq. I was on assignment for Time. I didn’t tell this story for ten years.

Aided by Americans, Kurdish Peshmerga took over the strategic oil rich city of Kirkuk. Looting in the streets, a father and child walk by a burning bank. © Yunghi Kim/Contact Press Images.

Brooklyn Chinatown, Sunset Park. © Yunghi Kim/ Contact Press Images.

Ten female photojournalists share the stories behind their iconic award-winning images

Indispensable pointers from women photojournalists who’ve seen and done it all

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